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John Petitte

John Petitte

Co-Founder & CEO
John Petitte, CEO of Amplifi Labs, with 11 years in software, has guided the company through significant growth phases. He shaped processes fostering a collaborative and appreciative culture at Amplifi Labs, building teams able to tackle the industry's biggest challenges with unmatched dedication.
Paulo Rieck

Paulo Rieck

Co-Founder & CTO
Paulo Rieck has been called a "Rock Star", "Myth", "Legend", and almost every other superlative by those who have worked with him. He's never met a software product he can't reverse engineer. Paulo truly is the technical keystone of Amplifi Labs.
Edi Bianco

Edi Bianco

Chief Design Officer
Edi Bianco is a designer with over 20 years experience in startups, agencies, companies and as a freelancer worldwide. Art director, speaker and teacher of web and interaction design. He will help you express your full potetial using human-centered and emotional design.
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Team Members
João Guilherme Lima
Fernando Nicolino
Maycon Line
Rhaniery Mueller
Gabriel Pedrotti
Diego Hennrich
Miguel Pedroso
Paulo Silva
Ana Floriano
Gabriel Todesco
Gabriel Rezende
Amanda Hertzog
Pedro Sartor
Carol Carvalho
Iara Drumond
Roberio Vitoria
Vinicius Oliveira

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