Miguel Pedroso

AI/ML Engineer

Miguel Pedroso is an experienced Data Scientist and Computer Engineer that specializes in building and deploying machine learning solutions that empower organizations.


Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence


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Professional experience

Machine Learning Researcher

Aquila Medical InnovationAquila



Aquila Medical Innovation is a disruptive startup, incorporated in the US and incubated in one of the largest healthcare incubators in Europe: Healthcare City. The company specializes in the development of healthcare IT Imaging software. The core technology is the next generation of artificial intelligence for supporting radiologists in diagnostic centers, and it enables machines to learn and give an opinion about exams. As a result, it improves quality, productivity, and agility in the day to day decision making process.

Natural Language Processing Researcher




NLP researcher

Data Science and Machine Learning Consultant

Two Impulse



Consulted with various clients to solve challenging AI/ML problems.