Accessibility for medical facilities and services

1 in 4 adults has a disability. Don't leave them behind! Partner with Amplifi Labs' team of experts to ensure your next wearable or smart device is professionally developed, inclusively designed, and fully compliant with WCAG 2.0 and ADA standards.


React • TypeScript • Node.js. • Reverse Engineering

Paulo Rieck

Paulo has been called a "Rock Star", "Myth", "Legend", and almost every other superlative by those who have worked with him. He's never met a software product he can't reverse engineer. Paulo truly is the technical keystone of Amplifi Labs.

With accessibility in mind your content can be consumed or operated by anyone, including those with disabilities or impairments.
Work with Amplifi Labs’ team to ensure your next project is :


with WCAG, ACOP, Section 508, and ADA standards.

Beautifully Designed

for all users to easily operate and access.

Fully Functional

AND seamless experiEnce with assistiVe technoloGY.

React • TypeScript • Node.js. • Reverse Engineering

Minimize legal risks and make your wearables and smart devices accessible - to all users

Launching an accessible product for wearables and smart devices can feel overwhelming, especially for growing medical facilities and services. Nonetheless, healthcare facilities are required by law under Section 508 and ADA Title II to meet any and all accommodations requested for those with visual, auditory, dexterity or cognitive challenges. If you are launching or updating the software on your smart device, trust Amplifi Labs' team of experts to ensure it is inclusively designed and works seamlessly with assistive and adaptive technology.

The Case for Accessibility

Developing accessible software requires more than just ticking a few checkboxes. Today's top companies are redesigning their entire interface with all users in mind.

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