ClassRanked came to us with a solid foundation for an MVP. To achieve their next milestones, they needed an administrative system that could easily accomodate adding thousands of lines of data at a time, and a backend system that could scale.

Together, we achieved both, allowing ClassRanked to scale across 400+ universities and 650M grades, surveys, and reviews.

Their communication was extraordinary, efficiency was great, and project management was exceptional. They were always there for us if we had any questions or concerns. When it came time to transition the tech on our side, they gave us all the resources to fully understand what they built for us, which is pretty rare. They built time and time again just what we wanted and asked for.

Hayden Hall
Founder & CEO, ClassRanked

The Product

Game changing scalability on the backend and administrative system.

Project details

Arizona, US

Feb 2020


Mar 2020

Major technologies used



Material UI